Soundproofed playhouse

kr 19 ,688.00 inc.vat


Playhouse made of sound-absorbing and fabric-covered absorbers. Fantastic product for kindergartens and after-school centres. Effective sound absorber and quiet zone for children.


Highly effective sound-damping absorbers

The boards are covered with fabric similar to Frigg™25mm.

Standard colours are grey, charcoal grey, black and white. We can print on any colour for an additional charge.

Approx. 7m2 sound-absorbing surface.
Base area 1.44m2.
Length 1.2 metres
Width 1.2 metres
Height 1.2 metres

Acoustics - absorption

The panel is classified as class A at 50 mm perforation, NRC = 0.95.
Class C at 0 mm fall, NRC = 0.65.

The absorption test is carried out in accordance with ISO 354:2003.
The absorption coefficient (αw) is calculated
to 0.90 according to ISO 11654.

Wall absorbers made of glass wool and fire retardant textile.

Manufactured in accordance with EN 13964: 2014.

The core of the panels consists of glass wool with a density of 120g. The visible surfaces are coated with coloured textile. The reverse side is covered with transparent non-woven fabric. The edges are sealed under the textile with water-based lime glue. The sheet is 25 mm thick

The product is M1 certified. This means that the product has been tested and fulfils the strictest international requirements for emissions and non-use of toxic components. There are specific requirements for acoustic products that must be met to obtain M1 certification

Impact resistant. The absorber is tested for impact resistance in class 1A in accordance with EN13964, annex D and DIN 18032:2018-11. This is the best possible for this type of product/material

Cleaning and maintenance. The panel has a surface that allows for dusting, vacuuming and gentle washing with a slightly damp cloth. If the disc is painted over, it will lose its properties.


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