Fantastic food and atmosphere at restaurant A. Idsøe - grill & berkel in Stavanger

Idsø Restaurant grill & berkel

Legendary A. Idsøe, a butcher in Stavanger with almost 200 years of continuous operation, has opened a fantastic restaurant. It goes without saying that the food is taken seriously and that the customer has a good overall experience. That's why they've also thought about the atmosphere in the premises and got help to plan and install effective soundproofing. All ready for the opening.   

Soundproofing has been done in the atrium where many people gather, in the boardroom and in the restaurant. Next up is the butcher's shop itself.  

Products used:
In the atrium and restaurant, we have used Loki 40. Bookcase has specially manufactured absorbers as a back plate; Frigg 25 textile with solid colour print to match the colour of the bookcase. 

We congratulate Albert and you for the well-deserved mention and thank you for the assignment.