About the Norwegian Acoustics Centre


Our vision is to make people's lives better by developing and delivering the best acoustic solutions in the market.

Our value promise

We help you identify and solve your acoustic problems to improve your everyday life. Using professional tools and methods, we measure, calculate, develop, deliver and install high-quality customised solutions. We guarantee a positive impact.



We are motivated when our customers are satisfied with what we do for them and their everyday lives are improved. We live and breathe sound and acoustics. We know what it does to people, body and soul when the acoustics around us are right and when they are not. Our customers should always be confident that we are doing the best we can for them. We work to develop the best products to solve the challenges we all experience in everyday life. Innovation and development are part of our everyday life. It drives us to be recognised by customers and partners. Part of our passion is to constantly strive to have the expertise needed to solve acoustic challenges.


We don't compromise on the quality and professionalism of the products and services we provide. That doesn't mean we know everything, but it does mean that we always strive to deliver on time, provide top service and create the best possible soundproofing solutions for our customers. Half-hearted solutions are not us. We recommend solutions and products that we are sure are right for the customer's needs.

We expect the same from our suppliers and partners as we expect from ourselves.


We like to have a good time at work and don't take ourselves too seriously. We believe that joy and humour are important in everyday life, and we also try to convey this to our customers and partners. We always have music and time for a conversation about sound.


We are committed to being tidy and delivering according to what has been agreed. We know how important it is to receive both goods and services on time. We go to great lengths to ensure that things go as expected. We are open and honest in our communication with our customers in all contexts. We always make it clear if we are unable to deliver and solve the customer's challenges.

About us in brief

Back to nature. As Scandinavians, we still know what peace and quiet is. We value silence and tranquillity and are keen to be able to choose when we want peace and quiet around us. In many parts of the world, this is no longer the case, which is why the WHO has declared noise to be the second largest source of pollution globally, after greenhouse gas emissions.

We need to take care of silence and tranquillity, as noise is a major health burden globally. We must therefore take seriously the need to organise this in our everyday lives. It is particularly important to provide good facilities where we, young and old, spend time both day and night.

We are inspired by Norse mythology and history. This has given our products unique Norse names that we hope more people than us will recognise and relate to. We are committed to taking care of nature and we are committed to taking care of our amazing sense of hearing. We should all strive to have sound conditions in the rooms we spend time in that correspond to nature's own sound and environment.

The Norwegian Acoustics Centre is a specialist centre for sound control in all types of buildings, and we have developed a system for measuring and mapping acoustics in all types of buildings. Based on the exact information we obtain through measurements, we calculate and describe the measures needed to achieve the correct acoustics in relation to the area of use and in relation to current regulations.

After the measures have been implemented, we carry out control measurements and document the results in relation to the goals set and in relation to applicable regulations. We help with the entire process and our goal is always to offer good solutions that create a correct, good and efficient acoustic environment; we are a complete supplier of good acoustics.

We currently have offices in Stavanger and Oslo. Our main warehouse is located in Stavanger. We deliver throughout the Nordic region and also organise installation.

We manufacture our soundproofing products mainly in Norway and China. In China, we have an office in Shanghai that handles quality control and follow-up of our production, which mainly takes place there (see also Production and environment). We have been present in China since 2005 and operate there with the strictest consideration for people and the environment.

Our ambition is to be a manufacturer and supplier of acoustic solutions that meet the exact needs and solve acoustic challenges in all types of buildings.

A bit of history

Norsk Akustikksenter AS is owned by Proso AS, both Stavanger-based family-owned companies.

Proso established an office in Shanghai in 2005 and started importing absorbers and system ceilings in 2007 as one of several business areas. Proso established Norsk Akustikksenter AS in 2015 and transferred all acoustics activities to the company.

Norsk Akustikksenter is headquartered in Stavanger, established an office in Oslo in 2016 and is generally experiencing strong growth. Gazelle company in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Norsk Akustikksenter has continuously developed a number of sound-absorbing products that are all CE approved, and all absorbers are also M1 certified (environmental) and thus approved for Breeam projects/buildings.

The products are manufactured in Norway and China. The factories and subcontractors are closely monitored and all development takes place with a strong focus on the environment, working conditions, HSE and quality control. The factory in China has its own training programme for all employees and modern laboratories for monitoring the content and composition of the products. Training programmes in Norway for senior staff from foreign departments and suppliers are mandatory.

We actively contribute to ensuring good and orderly working conditions for many people.

Gutta Proso - NAS