Gazelle organisation 2022


We are very proud to have been recognised as a Series Gazelle by Dagens Næringsliv! This means that we have been recognised as a Gazelle company for the fourth year in a row.

Many thanks to our loyal customers, partners and, not least, our hard-working and skilled employees.

What are the gazelles?

Gazelles - Norway's fastest growing companies

Dagens Næringsliv has recognised the country's most successful companies since 2003. The Gazelles are Norway's fastest growing and most successful companies. A gazelle must have at least doubled its turnover in four years and be making money.

Criteria for gazelle companies

  • Delivered authorised accounts
  • At least doubled turnover over four years
  • Turnover of more than NOK 1 million in the first year
  • Positive overall operating profit
  • Avoided falling turnover
  • Been a limited company

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