Get OUT this summer

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Enjoy the fresh air and good sounds of nature. Feel free to stop by the Tourist Association's beautiful cabin between Rondane and Dovre; Grimsdalshytta.

Enjoy the atmosphere both indoors and out. Soundproofing was done just before the start of the season (absorbent class A, LokiTM40). You'll notice?

NA designed and installed acoustic damping in our dining room and in a corridor with a lot of hard materials. Measurements were taken before and after installation, which proved the effect.

What is perhaps more important is our experience of the sound level before and after the installation. The dining room and corridor are now so much more comfortable to be in and, not least, to work in. The effect is surprisingly good. The panels are also less unsightly than we feared.

Perhaps because they are fitted precisely and according to a certain system?

Sincerely yours
Sonja Rykhus and Rune Sundt,
Managers Grimdalshytta


PS! We recommend the carrot cake, it's delicious.