Soundproofing project for the University of Oslo


The challenge in this case was penetrating noise from the technical room into the exam rooms. This noise was very annoying with 74 db inside the room and 44 db outside the room in a landscape that has 35 db in resting noise. As you can see, the above values are far too high.

UIO contacted us about the problem. After a quick inspection, we found a solution. Instead of changing to a soundproof door, the users of the room chose to install soundproofing panels on the door, overlapping the door frame and inside the room itself. This was done in a couple of hours. Now there are virtually perfect sound conditions outside the room, and people are no longer annoyed. After the measure, noise inside the room was reduced to 64 db, a reduction of 10 db! Outside the technical room, noise was lowered to 36 db, just 1 db above resting noise.

The University of Oslo was very grateful and appreciated the effect of a simple, cheap and quick measure.

Here are some pictures of the technical room after the soundproofing panels were installed: