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Acoustic images - printed sound damping discs

Acoustic images

Imagine getting your favourite motif or design in a photo while providing effective soundproofing.

On the wall, in the stairwell, on the ceiling, as a partition? You decide!

We have developed sound-absorbing panels that are especially suitable for printing and provide an exclusive and attractive result. At the same time as you get effective sound absorption in the room.

The textile-surfaced soundboards can also withstand some rough treatment and can be installed in exposed locations.

Price: DKK 2,750 per square metre excluding VAT / DKK 3,437.50 including VAT.
Minimum price NOK 2,750 per print ex VAT / NOK 3,437.50 incl. VAT.

Used in Adventurous remodelling

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Frigg textile surface

The absorber is available in two thicknesses. 25 mm and 40 mm. The absorbent is impact-resistant and has a beautiful finish and matt print. The fabric is wrapped around the edges and glued on the back, as well as welded at the edges. Long durability

You can print on all our white absorbers. Printing on dark/black absorbers requires two printing processes and has a higher cost. It is also possible to get customised own sizes of the different absorbers. An additional price and longer delivery time must then be calculated.

Need images for decorative soundboards?

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The best printing results are achieved by using UV printers. Other printing methods tend to saturate the surface too much and thus degrade the sound absorbing properties of the disc


Acoustic image print Frigg textile

Specialised centre for sound control

We are Norway's only specialist centre for sound control that has developed a system for measuring and mapping, calculating how much you need, through to a completed and tested solution.

All our calculations and measurements are based on the standard NS8175:2019 - Sound in buildings and NS8178:2014 (music and rehearsal rooms). Note that the 2012 standard still applies according to the Building Regulations, TEK 17. Soundproofing products recommended will be in accordance with CE 13964:2014 or equivalent.

We can help you with all your acoustic solutions as we have our own production facilities. Take a look contact  and we'll find a solution for your specific needs.

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