Soudal Acryrub Grout

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Acrylic-based sealant for grouting. Very easy to apply. Used for grouting for a neat finish and when installing Loke and Eira dB 49 mm at the ceiling/wall transition.
310ml. Price per piece.
Colours: white and black

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Used for grouting for a neat finish and when installing Loke and Eira dB 49 mm, wall/ceiling transition.

Acryrub is a one-component, plasto-elastic sealer based on acrylic dispersion that can be painted after a short time. Due to its unique composition, it reduces the risk of cracking, even with highly filled and opaque paints. Very easy to apply, colourfast and waterproof after curing. Can be painted over after curing.

Colours. White and black. Also available in grey and brown as standard. Other colours can be ordered.

Joint dimension. Min. joint width: 5 mm. Max. joint width: 20 mm. Min. joint depth: 5 mm


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The panel can be laid in a traditional T-system or glued directly to the substrate (soffit/roof or wall). Then you need 1 cartridge x-treme glue per 2 m2 of absorbent. When gluing up, remove the ceiling moulding and grout against the wall. You will then need black acrylic joint.

Installation guide glued up

Installation guide Loke™ and Eira™ 49 DB

Installation guide - Beamed ceilings

Information about sound reduction by gluing on sound-absorbing and sound-blocking panels.