Soudal Fix All X-Treme Power. Wall and pitched roof

kr 243.00 inc.vat

For pitched roofs, walls and vertical surfaces.

Soudal Fix All X-Treme Power is a high-quality 1-component power adhesive with extremely high instant tack.

280ml. Price per piece.

You need 1 adhesive cartridge for 2m² of absorbent. 

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Used for fixing absorbents to sloping ceilings, walls and vertical surfaces. It adheres quickly and has very little slip/sag.

Soudal Fix All X-Treme Power is a high-quality neutral, elastic, 1-component adhesive and sealant. The product is designed for instant bonding of extremely heavy materials without additional support. Can withstand up to 250kg/m2 immediate load.

Apply, press and you're done. We recommend using 1 cartridge for 2 m2 of absorbent surface.


Data sheets and documentation


Absorbers that are to be installed directly on the ceiling or wall are normally fixed with mounting adhesive.

Then you need 1 cartridge per 2 m2 of absorbent.

Installation guide for glued-on panels

Information about sound damping when gluing sound-absorbing and sound-blocking panels