Wire suspension rafts

kr 280.00 inc.vat

Wire for suspension directly from the ceiling for acoustic rafts.

Price is per set (2 screws, 2 wire and 2 snaplocks). 2 metres long.

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Horizontally suspended absorbers where the fixing screw is mounted on the surface.

For suspension directly from the ceiling where traditional suspension systems (such as glue or t-system) are not available. The fixing screws are best screwed in by hand. It is important not to overtighten the screws. The use of mechanical tools is not recommended.

Load capacity approx. 12 kg per piece.

Glass wool and mineral wool absorbers have a porous structure that makes them good sound absorbers. The porosity means that special fasteners must be used for safe suspension. Special screws have been developed to ensure a firm hold in the wool/absorbent so that they can be suspended from, for example, a floor partition using, for example, wires.

The wire can be attached to the ceiling in a hook.


Detailed installation instructions for both rafts and baffles can be found Here.