Soudal Fix ALL High tack assembly adhesive. High tack

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For ceilings and horizontal surfaces.

Soudal Fix All High Tack is a flexible high strength joint adhesive for instant adhesion.

290ml. Price per piece.

You need 1 adhesive cartridge for 2m² of absorbent. 

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Used for fixing absorbents to ceilings. Can also be used on sloping surfaces, but then you must hold the disc against the surface until it no longer slides/slides.

Soudal Fix ALL High Tack is a flexible high-strength joint adhesive with very high instant tack. For high performance flexible bonding and sealing of all materials to most, even damp surfaces, both porous and smooth.

Apply, press lightly and finish. We recommend using 1 cartridge for 2 m2 of absorbent surface.

Colours. White and black

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Absorbers that are to be installed directly on the ceiling or wall are normally fixed with mounting adhesive.

Then you need 1 cartridge per 2 m2 of absorbent.

Installation guide for glued-on panels

Information about sound damping when gluing sound-absorbing and sound-blocking panels