Starter pack for ceiling or wall. Loke™ 40 sound absorbing disc

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Starter pack with everything you need for damping a room of between 8 - 10 m2.

Installation in ceiling or wall. Contains Loke 4o™, white, adhesive and gloves. Extremely good sound absorption and has a special surface that makes it long-lasting and easy to maintain. The panel is specially designed for installation directly on the ceiling or wall.

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We know that this is new to most people and many experience acoustic problems, but without knowing how to solve them. We therefore suggest that you try one of the packages to get started. This is enough damping for a room of between 8 - 10 m2.

The package contains everything you need for installation:



Read more about Private residence: Acoustics calculation and how to do it



Normally attached with installation adhesive. Then you need 1 cartridge per 2 m2 of absorbent.

Installation guide glued up
Information about sound reduction by gluing on sound-absorbing and sound-blocking panels.