A little about the consequences of noise and high reverberation

Loud noise can cause irreparable hearing damage.

Hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) are common hearing damage. If hearing damage has already occurred, there is a need for even lower noise levels in the surroundings than before the damage occurred. Therefore, the need for sound attenuation is greater if some users of the area have already suffered hearing damage.

Noise has a negative impact on well-being, performance, sleep, communication and social behaviour, as well as contributing to stress-related illnesses. Among other things, a noisy environment can lead to various types of stress, which in turn can lead to disturbed sleep, which is one of the most serious health effects of noise in Norway. Regular sleep disturbance can in turn lead to other consequential diseases.

Prolonged irritation and annoyance from noise can contribute to the development of disease, especially in those who are otherwise predisposed to illness. It has been demonstrated that noise can cause short-term physiological changes that are typical of psychological stress.

Stress can be used to describe the body's increased readiness due to an external load. Furthermore, stress can be a contributing factor to various health problems, such as muscle tension and muscle pain, which are very common causes of sick leave and disability. There are a number of studies that show an increased risk of high blood pressure and the development of heart disease.

The psychological consequences of working and living in noisy environments over a long period of time include apathy, frustration, depression, anger, exhaustion, isolation, helplessness, etc. Even after several years of exposure to noise, there is no complete habituation to noise. Instead, it can develop into other ailments. Several studies indicate that noise can contribute to overweight and obesity.

According to the World Health Organisation, noise is the second largest "pollutant" globally.

Source: https://www.eea.europa.eu/no/articles/stoyforurensning-er-et-alvorlig-problem