Eating out in Stavanger this summer?

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Summer is coming, and what's better than spending long summer evenings around the table with good friends?

Stavanger has many restaurants from all over the world. For the restaurant experience to be good, there are a few things that need to be in place. Not only must the food be of high quality, but the atmosphere must also be good. Here, the sound conditions in the room play an important role. Good sound conditions can be decisive for whether guests return to the restaurant.

"The Norwegian Acoustics Centre has supplied us with soundproofing on two occasions. We are very satisfied with both the advice and the workmanship. With their help, we have achieved sound class A in our restaurant, which contributes to a good atmosphere for our guests, as well as a good and comfortable working environment for our employees."

 - Tore Landa Erevik, owner and general manager at Yips

Here's a selection of fantastic eateries that we've helped to get good sound and acoustics. Bon Appétit!

Sabi Enso is run by Michelin-starred chef Roger Asakil Joya. He is also one of the founders of Sabi Sushi, but now he creates unique restaurant experiences at Enso.

Here you'll find fresh ingredients to share with friends and family. Be tempted by bao buns and dumplings from the eastern palette.

Husband and wife team Elisabeth Kress and Ola Klepp serve high-quality local food and drink in Pedersgata. The menu consists of seasonal ingredients and drinks produced in Hillevåg and Storhaug.

Sabi Omakase
The Michelin-starred restaurant is based on the word Omakase, which means "I trust you". Roger Joya is also co-owner of Sabi. Omakase takes you on a visual journey, where food of the highest quality is made right in front of you.

Bellies' menu is seasonal and focuses on fresh ingredients and fermentation. Stop by the restaurant on a Saturday morning to enjoy great food paired with bubbles in your glass! 

NB Sørensen
This is a restaurant with a lot of history in its walls, and a place to go if you want a good meal paired with a good bottle of wine. Its central location in the centre of Vågen makes it easy to find.

Villa 22
A stone's throw from NB Sørensen, you can experience Italian flavours at Villa 22. The cosy atmosphere combined with Italian food traditions will make you dream away to warmer climes in the middle of Vågen.

Do you need help creating a room with good sound so that your guests can talk quietly, socialise and come back? Get in touch!

A good example of a complete soundproofing solution is Roger Asakil Joya at Sabi Enso. It is particularly important for the overall experience in this type of restaurant, especially in Omakase Bar, that the acoustics are good and there is low reverberation and a generally low noise level. Now all the guests can hear what Roger is saying and that makes all the difference. Various soundproofing measures have been implemented throughout the restaurant

Unique sound insulation with a combination of sound-absorbing circles in the ceiling, ceiling panels, customised slats and acoustic curtains that also provide visual screening.

Restaurant K2 in Pedersgaten in Stavanger