Effective sound control for conference and meeting rooms

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«Ønsker dere et godt nytt år, og takker igjen for godt samarbeide, og et ypperlig resultat; både med hvordan mosaikk veggene ble seende ut og effekten av produktene dere anbefalte og jeg kjøpte – en helt ny verden i møteroms bruken. Alle skryter over hvor bra det er blitt, og nå brukes alle møterom flittig – ikke slik som før hvor spesielt “Fjord” nesten ble unngått pga. dårlige lydforhold.

Star in my book for choosing the right supplier."

? David

Before: The room consists of a lot of hard surfaces, plaster and glass and a few perforated plasterboards in the ceiling (which do not meet current soundproofing requirements). Carpet tiles on the floor and otherwise ordinary meeting room furniture, monitor and audio system for conferences and presentations.

After: Acoustic sound measurements and inspections of the rooms were carried out and the amount of absorption required, type of absorber and placement were calculated. Design and appearance are also important, and a proposal was drawn up for a mosaic with only white textile absorbers of very high quality and finish. The absorbers are 40 and 25 mm thick and in different sizes. This was put together as a kind of mosaic and with the right number of square metres in each room. The result was very good, both in terms of sound and aesthetics. Sound control with our own absorbers FriggTM40 and 25 mm with textile surface.


David Skjærpe - Operations