Employees are hearing impaired as a result of noise!


Did you know that 1 in 4 daycare centre employees suffer hearing damage as a result of noise? Daycare centres are noisy and often a deafening workplace.

Noise is harmful to hearing. That's why, for example, forestry workers and helicopter pilots wear hearing protection at work. But what about if you work in a daycare centre? Measured in decibels
screaming children make more noise than chainsaws, helicopters and drilling in concrete. While the limit for hearing protection at work is 110 decibels, children's screams can reach 115 decibels - almost as loud as an average rock concert. Is it any wonder that young and old alike can have tired ears at the end of the day?

Everyone needs noise-free moments
It's not enough to just talk about out-voice and in-voice. Emphasise raising awareness about noise. Everyone can do something to reduce noise. However, we need to recognise that some activities are noisier than others and therefore require more facilitation. Singing and music mean a lot to both children and adults, and should of course have a big place in everyday life. What about creating a music room if you don't already have one? Maybe it's possible to have a "quiet room" too? Another solution could be to set aside different areas for different activities, depending on how noisy they are. That way, the children can seek out the quiet activities when they need them.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 daycare centre employees are exposed to annoying noise at work?

It's always been like this and no one can change it except you!