Get better sleep with good soundproofing

Adorable little child is sleeping in the bed with her toy. The girl is hugging the teddy bear.

Echoes (reverberation) occur in all types of rooms that do not have enough "soft materials" where the sound waves can find rest. Children and adults can experience this as a nuisance and it can lead to poor sleep, concentration problems, headaches and again stress and more long-term problems if it persists. It can be very easy to do something about. A star example is the reference from this family with children who got a better everyday life.

Reference from tired mum and dad

Our 1.5-year-old son's room had only smooth gasping walls. We experienced annoying reverberation in the room. The Norwegian Acoustics Centre came and measured the sound and confirmed that the room had very poor acoustics. As it was a bedroom, he recommended immediate measures. "One reason why our child wakes up at night and very early could be that he was woken up by his own noises.

On the same day, we installed more panels on both walls and noticed that the sound became much softer. That night he slept longer than ever and has continued to do so.

Product used is FriggTMtextile. They come in two thicknesses and many sizes.

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Send us an email with a description of the room + dimensions (m2 and ceiling height), a couple of photos of the room and we can effectively help you to a better everyday life.