Good acoustics at Brasserie Blanche

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On Brasserie Blanche near Bogstadveien in Oslo, we have improved the acoustic conditions.

Now guests and staff can experience new and favourable acoustic conditions while enjoying a good French meal or serving guests. We have improved the acoustic conditions with our best-selling absorber Loki TM 40 in the ceiling on both floors.

Many people choose not to go out to restaurants or cafés because of poor acoustics. With poor acoustics, guests talk louder and louder and there is often music in the background that sounds like a disturbingly loud noise. Instead of a pleasant and enjoyable evening, it can be a few tiring hours of straining to hear what the other guests are saying around the table. Many people have sore throats and headaches after an evening in a restaurant because they have to drown each other out. And not least, the staff work under conditions that are not actually legal.

By adjusting the sound controls in the room and controlling the acoustics, you will find that you lower your shoulders, relax, the music will also be clear as background music, and guests can talk normally to each other. And not least, your guests might stay a little longer - and order a little more wine.