Successful silencing in Labro Power Station


We were commissioned to solve problems related to uncomfortable acoustics and noise in the new museum Labro Power Station

It is Glitre Energi and Buskerud Museum which is behind the Watercourse Museum, located in Labro Power Station, and aims to document and communicate water as a resource along the Numedal watercourse. Labro will be a future-oriented museum and a regional meeting place with the development of green energy at its centre.

Following this project, we have been commissioned to map the acoustics and soundproof several of Glitre Energi's power stations.

"Glitre Energi contacted NAS for help with soundproofing the disused Labro power station from 1910. The machine hall will be used for museums, teaching, etc. The hall is over 700 square metres and almost 11 metres high. Before the work was carried out, it was challenging to stay there because of the sound and noise. NAS calculated and installed a solution with various sound absorbers on the walls and ceiling. The work is beautifully done. The sound absorbers provide the desired effect and at the same time blend in naturally with the old machine hall. The work has meant that the hall can now be used for teaching, concerts and much more. "It's been a huge improvement. The process and collaboration with NAS has been educational and good. We are very pleased with the result and can recommend NAS to others."

 - Thomas Kittilsen Zandjani, Head of administration and property

The products used in the project are:

FriggTM25 and 40 textiles with prints of your own historical photos
LokiTM40 ceiling and wall absorbers
LokiTM40 circles on the ceiling
HuginTMAcoustic partition wall with prints of your own historical photos and illustrations