Restoration of an old townhouse from around 1830 in Stavanger

Press 1 wallpaper on absorbent Idsøe copy

When converting an old city centre building into a restaurant A.Idsøe grill & berkel in Stavanger, we came across a surprising treasure during the restoration process. The original beam walls revealed a beautiful old wallpaper from around 1830. We decided to immortalise this unique find. The wallpaper was photographed and we created digital image files with "cleaning" of the pattern. This was printed on our absorber FriggTMtextile. The result? A beautiful interior that not only preserves history, but is also a great soundproofing solution.

Curious about how we combine design and soundproofing? Read more about acoustic images for more information. For more information about FriggTM 25 mm textile, go to product side.

The original wallpaper
Close-up of FriggTM 25 mm with wallpaper decor.