Better working day at Krogh Optikk


Krogh Optikk at Storo Storsenter has had significant problems with a lot of noise and long reverberation in its own areas and from the common area outside the store. By installing sound absorbers on the walls (Loke™ 40) and an acoustic wall (Hugin™) between the glass panes and the shop area, we get a lot of absorbent area that significantly reduces the reverberation.

Sound absorbers (Loke™ 40) are installed in the concrete ceiling above the square ceiling to further reduce reverberation and absorb noise. The effect of the measure is a significant reduction in reverberation in the store as well as an attenuation of noise (dB) that penetrates the premises from the common area. This leads to a significant improvement in speech clarity and speech perception in the store. A far better working day for employees and a far better store for customers.