Sound control doesn't have to be boring!

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Need inspiration and ideas on how to do it? We offer solutions that create a good and effective acoustic environment. Let 2018 be the year you do something about the sound in the rooms you spend time in.


Design your own room with the highest quality soundproofing. Combine different absorbers in the ceiling and wall for optimum effect and great design. Loke™40 in different colours and shapes. Attached to the ceiling are Loke™40 ticks.

Stylish effect with circles Loke™40  in the ceiling. Paint the ceiling in a contrasting colour for an unexpected effect.

Textile absorbers Frigg™ is impact resistant and has a beautiful finish, combined with Loke™40 Ticks on the ceiling.

Control the sound in long corridors with Frigg™ textiles in various shapes and sizes. Common t-system in the ceiling, with the ceiling tiles Loke™15 and Eira™15 black.

Fabulous sound absorption and stylish installation. Frigg™ 3D with textile surface in the standard colours, grey, black and white.