Hugin™ sound-absorbing partition wall

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Acoustic partition wall with phenomenal sound absorption in the highest class (class A). Hugin partitions reduce sound to ensure a comfortable working day at the office. Combine with Hugin acoustic desk screens.

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Sound-absorbing partition wall with phenomenal sound absorption in the highest class (class A). Made of glass wool and fire-retardant fabric. Available in white, black, light grey and charcoal grey. The walls are 50 mm thick and stand firmly on simple feet made of powder-coated steel. The panels have reinforced edges and the surface is very robust.

A complete Hugin™Acoustic partition wall consists of 2 Frigg™ discs, 2 steel feet, 1 top moulding, 1 installation adhesive. The price of each of these elements makes up the price of the partition. We stock Frigg™ panels with textile surface in many sizes and it is therefore possible to assemble walls in many variations. The standard sizes shown are width 120 cm and height 150 cm or width 150 cm and height 120 cm.

Fire class: The boards are not flammable. Baseboard = A2, S1, D0, Textile: C, S2, D0

The product is M1 certified. This means that the product has been tested and fulfils the strictest international requirements for emissions and non-use of toxic components. There are special requirements for acoustic products that must be met to obtain M1 certification.

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). The product has completed the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) report and received an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certificate.

Impact resistant. The absorber is tested for impact resistance in class 1A in accordance with EN13964, annex D and DIN 18032:2018-11. This is the best possible for this type of product/material

Cleaning and maintenance. The panel has a surface that allows for dusting, vacuuming and gentle washing with a slightly damp cloth. If the disc is painted over, it will lose its properties.


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1200b x 1500h, 1500b x 1200h

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Class A

The wall fulfils current CE requirements in accordance with GB/T
16731-1991 and EN ISO 354:2003.
Classification according to EN-ISO 11654.
Class A with NRC = 0.95, α w = 1.00


Easy installation.
Installation guide Hugin™ table screen and partition wall