Loke™ 40mm sound-absorbing Sky

kr 1 ,762.00 pr. m² inc.vat


Baffle and raft. Very good sound absorption. Sound attenuation, class A. The panel is 40 mm thick. Can be suspended from the ceiling or glued directly to the wall/ceiling.
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Developed specifically for installation suspended from the ceiling or glued to a wall or ceiling. The panel has a finely textured surface on all sides and also has a coating/coating on the surface that makes it easier to maintain and gives it a long service life compared to more traditional absorbers on the market. It has extremely good sound absorption and is highly sound-absorbing. It is therefore very suitable for reducing reverberation and noise in all types of areas, such as private houses/children's rooms and teaching environments, day care centres and rooms with a lot of noise.

Installation. The panels are installed in ceilings with wire suspension. Suspension consists of spiral screw, wire and fixing hook. Can also be glued to a wall or ceiling.

Edge types. Edge A

Sizes. Standard sizes and colours in stock. Special sizes and colours can be ordered.

Colours. The closest colour code for white is NCS 0502-Y. Special colours can be ordered (minimum quantity is 100 m2). It can also be printed on any motif on the disc (such as sky and cloud)

Fire class. A2-s1,d0, according to EN 13501-1

The product is M1 certified. This means that the product has been tested and fulfils the strictest international requirements for emissions and non-use of toxic components. There are special requirements for acoustic products that must be met to obtain M1 certification.

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). The product has completed the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) report and received an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certificate.

Cleaning and maintenance
The board has a surface that allows dusting and careful washing with a slightly damp cloth. If the disc is painted over, it will lose its properties.


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The disc is classified as Class A

The absorption test is carried out in accordance with ISO 354:2003 without air behind the boards.
NRC = 0.90. The absorption coefficient (αw) is calculated to 0.90 according to ISO 11654.


The panels are installed in ceilings with suspension consisting of spiral screw, wire and fixing hook, suspension purchased separately. The discs do not fit into a traditional T-system.

Installation guide raft and baffle

The panels can also be glued directly to ceilings and walls;
Installation guide glued up

Information about sound damping when gluing sound-absorbing and sound-blocking panels