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The workplace is where most of us spend large parts of the day, and a poor sound environment in the workplace is a major burden. Good acoustics are therefore crucial for better working conditions, especially in open spaces, meeting rooms and canteens.

Lower productivity

Research has shown that a poor sound environment in open-plan offices leads to 30% lower productivity, less satisfied employees, more stress and sick leave.
(Source: Chronicle in Universitetsavisa NTNU by Jan Vilhelm Bakke and Knut Inge Fostervold. Read more.)

What do you do now?

There are regulations that govern the sound in all commercial buildings, including specific regulations for specific rooms. We know that it can take a while to realise that problems are caused by poor acoustics. You can do a simple calculation yourself or we can help you calculate your needs, suggest solutions and the right products.


Directly glued absorbers for walls and ceilings

Table screens and partitions

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Acoustic images: Sound damping discs with

If you want to have sound-damping images or decor on the walls, our acoustic panels are very suitable for this. 

In addition to a great printed image/decor result, you get very high quality absorbers that become part of the overall sound control in the room.

System ceiling

Installation and fastening

Specialised centre for sound control

We are Norway's only specialist centre for sound control that has developed a system for measuring and mapping, calculating how much you need, through to a completed and tested solution.

All our calculations and measurements are based on the standard NS8175:2019 - Sound in buildings and NS8178:2014 (music and rehearsal rooms). Please note that the standard from 2012 is still valid according to the building regulations, TEK 17. Sound attenuation products recommended will be in accordance with CE 13964:2014 or equivalent.

We can help you with all your acoustic solutions as we have our own production facilities. Take a look contact  and we'll find a solution for your specific needs.