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We spend a lot of time in sports halls, swimming pools and fitness centres. Children and young people often gather in large numbers at the same time. This can easily lead to extreme noise, which carries a high risk of permanent hearing damage. In fitness centres, there are often loud bangs from weights and music.

Poor soundproofing in such areas results in directly harmful sound conditions and can lead to permanent hearing damage. Lost hearing does not come back.

The acoustic conditions in all types of sports halls, swimming pools and other fitness centres are subject to NS8175:2012/2019, which is included in TEK 10/17.

There are rules for noise levels from technical installations and reverberation time in such areas. In addition, the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority's guidelines for maximum noise levels must also be taken into account when the areas are in use. We often find that the acoustics in this type of area are very poor and the regulations are not followed.

What do you do now?

We know that many people experience acoustic problems, but without knowing how to solve them. Most people who have problems with noise and reverberation need to install a number of "absorbers", i.e. panels that absorb the sound waves in the room. These are normally installed either in the ceiling or on the wall.


Directly glued absorbers for walls and ceilings

<b>Kiosk and social area:</b> The images are printed on Frigg 25, 240cm x 120cm. Loke and absorbers in various sizes are installed in the ceiling and at the top of the wall

Acoustic images: Sound damping discs with

If you want to have sound-damping images or decor on the walls, our acoustic panels are very suitable for this. 

In addition to a great printed image/decor result, you get very high quality absorbers that become part of the overall sound control in the room.

Ceiling tiles for System Ceiling

System ceiling t-system

Installation and fastening

Specialised centre for sound control

We are Norway's only specialist centre for sound control that has developed a system for measuring and mapping, calculating how much you need, through to a completed and tested solution.

All our calculations and measurements are based on the standard NS8175:2019 - Sound in buildings and NS8178:2014 (music and rehearsal rooms). Note that the 2012 standard still applies according to the Building Regulations, TEK 17. Soundproofing products recommended will be in accordance with CE 13964:2014 or equivalent.

We can help you with all your acoustic solutions as we have our own production facilities. Take a look contact  and we'll find a solution for your specific needs.