Expertise and certifications

Quality products customised for the Nordic market


Our knowledge, quality and production platform consists, in addition to our own expertise and experience, of close collaboration with a number of skilled and internationally recognised players in acoustics, quality control, certification and production of soundproofing products.

The collaboration has been ongoing for many years and is a close partnership, not least because of our office and employees in Shanghai, which acts as a hub. We have been present in China with an office in Shanghai since autumn 2005 and have experience of quality assurance of product production in China since the mid-1990s.

Quality at every stage

Our products are among the very best on the market and have been developed and customised for the Nordic market. The products have been developed over many years through continuous improvement and testing both in laboratories and in the field. We have complete documentation for the effect and a large number of versatile references.

We have products for most types of buildings and sound challenges, and can supply special products in custom sizes, shapes and colours.

The absorbers are equipped with surfaces that are durable, robust and well suited for decoration with print without significantly impairing the sound-absorbing properties.

When printing on absorbers, the best results are achieved by using UV printers. Other printing methods tend to saturate the surface too much and thus impair the sound-absorbing properties of the disc.

Laboratory tests confirm that our absorbers are in the sound classes we want them to be in. For example, some in sound class A and others in sound class B, and we do not manufacture products in sound classes lower than B.

Our products in sound class B can be upgraded to sound class A by adding air behind the absorber, for example, thereby improving/changing the properties. This is done to give the absorbers a wider range of uses and variations.

The products are primarily manufactured to provide the best possible absorption of sound waves in the entire audible Hertz spectrum and in accordance with the NS-ISO specification.

Our products in sound class A have an absorption coefficient (NRC) of 0.9 to 1.0. This is in accordance with the current EN-ISO standard for both sound absorption and testing.

The fact that our absorbers are so effective means that you achieve the same effect with fewer absorbers compared to most other solutions on the market.

The products' data sheet and DoP certificate contain information about properties, performance, CE and M1 certification.

Data sheets and DoP certificates are easily found on the individual product on our website.


All the products we sell are CE certified and M1 certified.