Directly mounted absorbers wall and ceiling

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Our products are among the very best on the market and have been developed and customised specifically for the Nordic market.

For many years, we have developed and manufactured soundproofing that does not compromise on design or quality, and our products are adapted to the strict requirements of the Nordic market.

We produce solutions for all types of buildings and most sound-related challenges. Our range includes everything from absorbers for walls, ceilings, wooden slats, system ceilings, acoustic images, bass traps, table screens, partitions and fixing systems. We also offer custom-made products in custom sizes, shapes and colours.

The absorbers are manufactured to provide the best possible absorption of sound waves in the entire hertz spectrum. Efficient absorbers mean that optimum sound attenuation is achieved with as few absorbers as possible.

Our focus is to produce absorbers that provide the highest possible quality and efficiency at the right price.