Upgrading the acoustics in the canteen at Måltidets Hus


Måltidets Hus in Stavanger has received a long-awaited upgrade of the acoustics in the canteen

A complete solution with many different sound absorbers (discs) improves acoustics, speech clarity and speech perception significantly. An important measure in an extremely busy canteen at the heart of food research.


Examples of placements of different sound absorbers:

  • White hygiene absorbers in the dishwashing zone capture much of the noise before it spreads out into the canteen.
  • Grey absorbers mounted on the coolers reduce noise in the food zone
  • Black Eira mounted on a wall in the dining area reduces noise.
  • White absorbers mounted almost invisibly around the food zone reduce noise.
  • White absorbers in decorative panels above windows in the dining area reduce noise and reverberation.
  • White absorbers suspended from the ceiling (baffles) reduce noise and reverberation as well as longitudinal sound waves in the dining zone.
  • White absorbers above the piano improve acoustics for the pianist and help reduce reverberation in the dining area.

Drop by one day when you're in the neighbourhood and experience a canteen with lots of people, high traffic and good food. A place where you can relax and talk to those around you with ease.