Updated requirements for acoustics in buildings

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An updated version of the regulation was published in July 2019 NS8175 - Sound in buildings. New regulation replaces NS8175:2012.

The updated regulations entail stricter requirements and more nuanced requirements for all types of buildings in Norway. The changes are many and in an aggravating direction.

This has consequences for everyone who:

  • Building new buildings
  • Making structural changes
  • Making upgrades
  • Has existing problems with acoustics
    et al.

In other words, it will be even more important to take the right measures with the right resources to fulfil future requirements. Acoustics is a separate discipline and must be treated separately from other building disciplines.

This means identifying problems and solutions with the help of those who have the expertise to do so.

If you have problems with acoustics and noise and intend to do something about it in 2019, please note that time is now running out between now and the end of the year.

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