Installation of metal plate - suspension absorber / acoustic image

  1. Measure where you want to mount the bracket on the back of the plate.
    Centred in the middle is the easiest. On larger panels, it may be a good idea to use two panels and place the top half on the panel. One rebate should hang on the screw that attaches to the wall. The other rebate ensures that the board hangs completely vertically. NB! If several panels are to be hung together, it is important that the brackets are mounted in the same way on all the panels to ensure that they hang the same on the wall.
  1. Before applying the adhesive, it is a good idea to wipe the board with a grease solvent, e.g. Blue Jif. Provides better adhesion.
  2. Apply assembly adhesive to the flat side of the fitting.
  1. Glue the fitting to the plate, mass in place and allow to dry according to drying time
    described on the glue. The folds on the disc should be outwards.
  1. Attach a screw to the wall where you want the disc to hang.
  1. Hang the disc on the screw.
    If the bracket is mounted in the same way on several panels, it is easy to get them to hang nicely by installing screws in the wall in a straight line and at 60 cm intervals.
Example of suspended image

Install screws in the wall at 60 cm intervals in a perfectly straight line.

Hang the discs on the screws.
If you want to hang several rows, start with the bottom row.