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Developed and manufactured in Norway

The demand for effective soundproofing in new and old gyms, sports halls, multi-purpose halls and other exposed areas has increased significantly in recent years. We have therefore developed and produced a completely new product; YggdrasilTM.

The result is beautiful, bright and robust gyms with exceptional acoustics! So children and young people can be physically active and make lots of noise, while teachers and coaches can also go home from work without a headache!

The solution is designed specifically for direct wall mounting. But can also be installed in ceilings.

Several components are included in the solution. One 40 mm thick absorber (sound class A) with high density is installed on the inside and then a perforated disc is installed on the outside of the absorber. The solution is very solid and resists harsh treatment, making it suitable for use in sports centres, for example.

The panel is available with a traditional oak, birch or ash laminated surface. The solution has good sound absorption and is highly sound-absorbing. It is therefore suitable for most rooms and areas where there is a lot of reverberation and noise.

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"We have developed and produce perhaps Norway's most advanced solution for soundproofing in exposed areas"

The solution is tested to sound class B
The product is fire treated to fulfil at least fire class B
Recyclable materials
Allergy-friendly solutions

Materials, finishes and colours

The core material of the absorber is compressed glass wool covered with an acoustic fabric in black, white or grey. Choose between absorbers: LokiTM white or grey, or EiraTM black. The wood panel is made of MDF (wood fibre board) with an oak, birch or ash surface. The panel can also be delivered in many RAL colours as a special order.


The solution is classified as sound class B. The absorption test is performed without air behind the panels. NRC = 0.85 (noise reduction coefficient) class B. αw = 0.80 (absorption factor) is class B. Wooden panels without absorption on the back are classified in sound class D.

Fire class

The overall solution is fire class B-s1-2, d0, according to EN 13823 and EN13501-1. Individually, the panel is fire class B-s1-d0 and the absorber is fire class A2.

Environment and indoor climate

The product is made from wood materials that are FSC or PEFC certified (sustainable forestry). The absorber is M1 certified, i.e. it does not contain toxic substances and does not emit harmful emissions.


Vacuum with a soft brush head and wipe with a damp cloth as needed. After washing, wipe over with a dry, soft cloth.

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