Frigg™40mm textile sound damping plate

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Highly effective and decorative textile soundproofing panels. Available in several different colors and sizes. The surface is impact-resistant and very robust. Can also be used as notice boards.

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High-quality decorative sound absorbers - silencers.
Highly effective sound attenuating absorbers.

The sound absorbers are 40 mm and covered with textile and are available in several different colors and sizes. The surface is impact-resistant and very robust, making them suitable for use in all types of rooms with many types of activity. For example, they can also be used in gyms, kindergartens and children's rooms. Of course, they can also be used decoratively in offices and homes. When printing decor on sound absorbers, we prefer to use this absorber as it gives a great result. These sound absorbers can also be used as notice boards, but be aware that the sound absorbing effect is reduced.

Wall absorbers made of glass wool and fire retardant textile. Excellent for sound absorption.

Manufactured in accordance with EN 13964: 2014.

The core of the panels consists of glass wool with a density of 120g. The visible surface is coated with dyed textile. The reverse side is covered with transparent non-woven fabric. The edges are sealed under the textile with water-based lime glue. The sheet is 40 mm thick.

Normally fixed with mounting adhesive, alternatively with a suspension bracket or fixing screws.

Standard sizes in stock. Special sizes can be ordered.

White, light grey, charcoal grey, black, white or with printed color/motif.

Fire class. The boards are not flammable. Baseboard = A2, S1, D0, Textile: C, S2, D0

Impact resistant. The absorbent is tested for impact resistance in class 1A in accordance with EN13964, annex D and DIN 18032:2018-11. This is the best possible for this type of product/material.

The product is M1 certified. This means that the product has been tested and meets the strictest international requirements for emissions and non-use of toxic components. There are specific requirements for acoustic products that must be met to obtain M1 certification

Insulating properties. The absorbers have very good insulating properties. Laboratory tested in accordance with current regulations. Thermal thermal conductivity / Lambda value = 0.033W/(m-K). Thermal heat resistance = 1.191 (m2-K)/W.

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). The product has completed the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) report and received the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certificate.

Cleaning and maintenance. The panel has a surface that allows dusting, vacuuming and careful washing with a slightly damp cloth. If the panel is painted over, it will lose its properties.

Perfect for acoustic images 

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Size (mm)

300 x 600, 300 x 1200, 600 x 600, 600 x 1200, 1200 x 2000

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The plate is classified as class A

The absorption test is carried out in accordance with ISO 354:2003 without air behind the panels.
NRC = 0.90. The absorption coefficient (αw) is calculated to 0.95 according to ISO 11654.


Normally attached with installation adhesive. Then you need 1 cartridge per 2 m2 of absorbent. Adhesive for ceilings and Adhesive for walls and sloping ceilings. Alternatively with suspension bracket or fixing screws.

Installation guide glued up
Installation guide screws
Installation guide suspension bracket

Information about sound attenuation when gluing on sound-absorbing and sound-blocking panels.