Installation guide for sound-absorbing panels. Fixing with cover cup.

Attachment with decor cup.

mounting wall absorber


mounting-wall independent


  1. Measure and mark the 4 attachment points for the suspension screws, mark on the plate where the screw is to be screwed in.
  2. Thread the screw through the brass nut and screw through the plate and into the wall/ceiling. Avoid screwing too tightly as the plate
    then can be destroyed.
  3. Tighten the screws so that they are just tight enough and so that the decor cup can be attached to the brass nut without any problems.
  4. Mount the decor cup on the brass nut.

It takes 2 people to lift up the disc and fasten the screws.
For sizes beyond 1200x1200mm, multiple fixings should be used.

>> Download the guide here in PDF format