Starter pack wall. Frigg™ 25 textile soundproofing disc

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Starter pack with everything you need. Wall mounting.

Contains sound damping disc Frigg 25™, 600×600 mm, glue and gloves. The absorber is decorative and is a highly effective sound absorber. The surface is impact-resistant and very robust, making them suitable for use in all types of rooms with many types of activity. Also very popular in video conference rooms, TV rooms and recording studios. These sound absorbers can also be used as notice boards.

White (light grey, charcoal grey and black are sold out). Sold in whole boxes.


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We know that this is new to most people and that many people experience acoustic problems without knowing how to solve them. We therefore suggest that you try one of the packages to get started.

The package contains everything you need for installation:




Normally attached with installation adhesive. Then you need 1 cartridge per 2 m2 of absorbent.

Installation guide glued up
Information about sound reduction by gluing on sound-absorbing and sound-blocking panels.