You need approximately 70 % of the room size measured in square metres

Loke™ 40, 40x1200x1000
Loke 40, 40x1200x1000

Loke™ 40, 40x1200x1000

To achieve really good conditions, you need to install absorbers (sound-absorbing discs) corresponding to approximately 70 % of the room size measured in square metres.

Generally speaking, a room of 100 m2 should have approximately 70 metres of space.2 absorbers, and that the panels can be placed in the ceiling or on the wall or as a combination of both.

The point is for the sound waves to hit the absorbers as quickly and easily as possible, so they can be absorbed as quickly as possible.

It is important to use the right absorbent for the damping. With thin absorbents, you need a larger quantity to achieve good results. That's why we have developed Loke™ 40 to direct mounting on the surface. It has very good absorbent properties and other good properties as well.

This is a general practice that our experience shows works in many cases.

If you are in doubt, we or others can carry out sound measurements and calculate more precisely what is needed. Advice and guidance: 902 38 611 or