The House of Literature has been given a facelift and much better soundproofing!

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The House of Literature in Oslo This summer and autumn, a number of areas were upgraded with effective soundproofing.

It was important for the customer to get the same colour on the ceiling as on the wall in order to retain the design and the beautiful expression. We therefore specially produced eight different colours of our best absorbent; LokiTM40 mm. Everything is installed in the ceilings, and the areas now fulfil Norwegian laws and regulations in relation to reverberation and resting noise to the benefit of guests and employees.

Thanks for the assignment!

"We recently had acoustic panels from you installed in our public areas, corridors and stairwells here at the building. Very big change in both sound and comfort in these rooms now, so thank you very much for that! It is considerably better to conduct events here now. The customised colours of the absorbers were very good and the whole project went very well. We are very satisfied!"

Statement from customer